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A great big THANK YOU! to all who have allowed us to use their photographs on ElDoradoCounty.Net. Your photos have enhanced our presentation of El Dorado County.

2006 Ralston Fire Hot Spot, Tahoe NF - Parker/USFS 
2000 Bitterroot Valley Fire, MT - John McColgan/USFS
1992 Cleveland Fire, Eldorado NF - USFS
Maps to Hospitals - USFS
Inside Gold Bug Mine - Joann McCubrey
Wildflower - John Sullivan
Cougar - Sharon Chester
Gold Panning - Dave McCracken
Carriage Ride - Borges Carriage Rides
Pearson Soda Works Mine - Broughty Cole
Rock Crawling (Mike & the Jeep) - Terry Reddin
Gnarly Rubicon (Terry & the Jeep) - Mike Reddin
Bed & Breakfast Inns - Owners or Donna Reddin
El Dorado County Slide Show - Donna Reddin
El Dorado County Gallery - Donna Reddin

Many of our page header photos are complements of the El Dorado Lake Tahoe Film & Media Office, including but not limited to:
       Gold Hill Vineyard (above)
       Auburn State Recreation Area
       Black Bear Inn
       Camp Richardson Resort
       Chuck's Restaurant
       Cook's Cabin
       El Dorado Hills Library
       Gold Bug Mine Entrance
       Harvey West Cabin
       Henningson Lotus Park
       Historic Downtown Placerville
       Kayaking Lake Tahoe
       Map of El Dorado County
       Overlooking Lake Tahoe
       Schultz Family Vineyard
       Swimming at D.L. Bliss State Park
       Troublemaker Rapids (2)

• Jill E. Nauman:
       Barn at Crystal Springs House
       Fall Apples
       Fannette Island
       Troublemaker Rapids

• Unknown
       This one didn't get away! (Boy with Fish)
       Group in 1800's attire
       The Posse

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding any photograph on this website or the credits that appear on this page. Thank you.

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