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"There is not a prettier little town in the state than Placerville, and certainly not a better class of people anywhere than her thriving inhabitants. It was still early spring, the hills were covered with verdure, flowers bloomed in all directions, pleasant little cottages, scattered here and there, gave a civilized aspect to the scene, and when I looked over the busy town and heard the lively rattle of stages, wagons, and buggies, and the long pack trains winding their way up the mountains, I felt proud of California and her people."

- J. Ross Browne's "A Peep at the the Washoe" (1860)

We feel the same about Placerville, our hometown. Many historic buildings, roads, and mines remain to this day, validating the quaint scene that Browne painted with words in the 19th century. Sweet peas, mustard, lupines, and California poppies bloom along well-traveled roads and over the hills. And even though the sound of modern automobiles has replaced that of wagons, Placerville still retains much of its early charm.

Bell Tower in Placerville
The Bell Tower - The 100th anniversary of the Bell Tower on Placerville's Main Street was celebrated in 1998. This metal tower was built in 1898 to replace the wooden one built in 1865. Read more...

See our Photo Gallery for more views of Placerville. For the history of this town, see the Gold Rush Chronicles. For City visitor information, click here.

The 2000 Great Race - On Saturday, June 24, 2000, the entrants in the History Channel's Great Race made a pit stop in Placerville before finishing the Race in Sacramento. Out of 18 pit stops across the nation, Placerville won the "Greatest American City" award. The $5000 prize went to the El Dorado County Library.

The autos—from a '15 Ford Model T, the oldest, to a '64 Studebaker convertible— traveled across the nation, starting in Boston. About 100 vintage cars stopped in Historic Downtown Placerville on their way to the finish line in Sacramento, competing for $250,000 in a timed, controlled-speed endurance rally.

For more information on Historic Downtown Placerville, click here.

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