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  Get an Anniversary Page

For yourselves or as a gift* for those you love. This is a special place where you can have your own web page showing your anniversary photo and your wedding photo—the favorite "then & now" duo. Your names and wedding and anniversary dates are included with your photos on a soft floral background. Your Anniversary Page can be viewed and enjoyed anytime.

Anniversary Pages available for viewing
Chuck & Betty           Click to view

Choose a Free or Deluxe Anniversary Page

FREE Anniversary Page      SAMPLE      Free!
1) Wedding photo
2) Anniversary photo

DELUXE Anniversary Page      SAMPLE      $50
1) Wedding photo
2) Anniversary photo
3) Wedding, family and anniversary story
4) Up to 10 more related photos of your choice
Treasure it year by year as a keepsake! Renewal is just $20 a year, less that $1.67 a month.

top How to access your Anniversary Page

1) You will be given a special web address (URL) where your Anniversary Page can be viewed. The URL will look similar to

2) An optional link to your Anniversary Page can be included on this page, as is Chuck & Betty's (above), so it's easy to find. Or you can keep your Page private, just for your family and friends

3) You can also have your own special domain name, like bobandkate.com, directed to your Anniversary Page. Then all you do is just type in "bobandkate.com" on your web browser to access your page. Registration of your preferred domain name (if available) is $10, and so is the annual domain name renewal.

Password protection for either the Free or Deluxe Page can be added for a $10 one-time setup fee.

To order, send photos, text, and any payment to:

      2591 Andrea Lane
      Placerville, CA 95667

Gift certificates available. Just contact us.

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