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Two search boxes are located at the upper left of each page for both this website, ElDoradoCounty.Net, and our online El Dorado County Business Directory, so that it is always quick and easy to find the information that you want. Search terms are not case sensitive—use caps, lower case, or both.

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Find a Business: Search the El Dorado County Business Directory to find a business that you are interested in, such as a restaurant, lodging, store, or service.

Here's How: Using the light green Keyword Search box at the left of each page, just type in the type of business or location, such as Pizza or Camino, and click GO.

The results will display businesses in the category you searched, listed in alphabetical order with addresses and phone numbers.

To Refine Your Business Search: Type in both business type AND location, such as Pizza Camino, and click GO.
Find a Subject: Search this website, ElDoradoCounty.Net, for information of interest about El Dorado County, such as camping, history, current conditions, etc.

Here's How: Using the gold-colored Keyword Search box in the upper left of each page, just type in keyword(s), such as campgrounds, roads, chains, permits, free listing, or whatever you want to find, and click GO.

The search results page will show pages with links to choose from.

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