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2014 King Fire, Pollock Pines, American River Canyon
1992 Cleveland Fire, near Pollock Pines, Eldorado NF
1856 Fire burns down Placerville's fire station...

Smokey Bear's
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Only YOU
can prevent wildfires!

Area Code 530 unless noted

EDC Fire Protection Dist., Camino, 911, 644-9630
Cameron Park,
911, 672-7350 or 677-6190
911, 885-1232
Diamond Springs/El Dorado,
911, 626-3190
El Dorado Hills FD,
911, 916-933-6623
• Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe,
911, 542-1343
• Garden Valley,
911, 333-1240
• Georgetown,
911, 333-4111
Latrobe, Shingle Springs,
911, 677-6366
• Lake Valley, South Lake Tahoe,
911, 577-3737
Meeks Bay, Tahoma,
911, 525-7548
• Mosquito, Placerville,
911, 626-9017
• Mt. Danaher (CDF), Camino,
911, 647-5227
• Pioneer, Somerset,
911, 620-6711
• Rescue Fire Protection District,
911, 677-1868
Placerville City Fire,
911, 644-9630 (EDCFPD)
South Lake Tahoe FD,
911, 542-6161, 62, or 63

CDF Major Incidents
Is it a Burn Day? 621-5897 or (866) 621-5897
• Weed Abatement, 644-9635
Fire Safe Council of El Dorado County, 647-1098

Smokey the Bear's Activity Book for Kids

Smokey's 5 Rules of Fire Safety for Kids:
1. Smokey's friends don't play with matches or lighters.
2. If you find matches at home, give them to your parents.
3. If you find matches on the way to school, give them to your teacher.
4. If you see younger children playing with matches, tell an adult.
5. If you see a fire burning out of control, tell an adult.

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Photo of 2000 Bitterroot Valley Fire, Montana
CA Dept. of Forestry & Fire Protection (CDF)
State Fire Marshal
USFS Fire & Aviation (Eldorado NF), 622-5061
US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) Fire Management
US Fire Administration (USFA)
Fire Safety Activities for Kids
Sesame Street Fire Safety Program for preschoolers
Fire & Flood Cycles
Great Quake & Fire of 1906

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