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Top of pageEl Dorado County Historical Museum
104 Placerville Drive, Placerville   621-5865

Top of pageFountain & Tallman Soda Works Museum
524 Main Street, Placerville   626-0773

Fountain Tallman Soda Works Historical Museum

Top of pageJames Calvin Sly Museum
Sly Park Recreation Area, Pollock Pines   644-2545

Top of pageMarshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park
310 Back Street, Coloma   622-3470

Top of pageLake Tahoe Historical Society Museum
3058 Highway 50, South Lake Tahoe   541-5458

Tallac Historic Site
Hwy 89, Camp Richardson's

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California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento
Folsom History Museum, Folsom
Other Museums

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The South Lake Tahoe Historical Society and Museum
The South Lake Tahoe Historical Society operates the museum and is devoted to the study of the heritage of the Lake Tahoe Basin and dedicated to the collection, preservation and distribution of historical information.

The museum features displays which chronicle the development of the Lake Tahoe Basin from its earliest occupation by Native Americans through its 19th century development to the present time.

Located at the south end of the largest, deepest Alpine Lake in the U.S., the museum presents visual and educational exhibits that tell the story of its development while displaying outstanding artifacts collected from residents and visitors in its quarter century of operation.

Within the past 150 years the Lake Tahoe Basin was settled, expanded, drew new visitors and permanent settlers. The continuing saga includes U.S. discovery, westward moving wagon trains, gold and silver rush traffic through the basin, Pony Express stations, logging and railroad industries the development of tourism, skiing and more.

A Special Exhibit area features events of current importance and interest for the museum and the community. The museum shop sells books and other related material that concerns Lake Tahoe. Material in the museum and its archives is available for use by visitors, researchers and history buffs and includes large photographic and archival collections, oral histories and a small library.

Just behind the museum, visitors can see the old Log Cabin, built in 1931, and the oldest building still standing in the Lake Tahoe Basin, Osgood's Toll House, built in 1859. A few blocks west, Bijou Community Park houses the museum's Lake Valley Railroad narrow gauge and log carrier exhibit.

The museum is open daily in the summer between 11:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m. and on weekends in the winter between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The South Lake Tahoe Historical Society and Museum
3058 Lake Tahoe Blvd. / U.S. HWY 50
South Lake Tahoe


This 150-acre site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 for its historic and architectural significance. Take an easy walk through the Tallac Historic Site and relive the luxurious resort era and summer homes of the early 1900s. Three original 1920 era estates on beautiful grounds are part of this walk by the lake.

The Tallac Resort (1880-1920)
Look for the concrete foundation of the "Greatest Casino in America," originally part of Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin's resort that catered to the nouveau rich from San Francisco, Sacramento and Virginia City.

Baldwin Estate (1921)
This building, now a house museum, was built in 1921 by Dextra Baldwin, a granddaughter of "Lucky" Baldwin. The building currently houses the Tallac Museum, Baldwin Museum and the Washoe Exhibit. The nearby guest cabins offer art exhibits and workshops during the summer.

Baldwin Estate Washoe Exhibit
The Washoe Indian Cultural Foundation Exhibit is located in the Baldwin Museum. The Washoe display includes housing, artifacts, pictures and a slide presentation. Visit the area the Washoe called home in the summer months. The Baldwin Museum, Washoe Gardens and special programs offer an opportunity to learn about the Washoe culture.

Courtesy Note
For more information about the Washoes, write or call:

Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California
Archive & Cultural Center
861 Crescent Drive
Carson City, NV 89701


Pope Estate (1894)
The Pope house was built in 1894 by George Talant. In 1899, it was sold to Lloyd Tevis. His son, Will, expanded and remodeled it into the largest and most luxurious of the area. It was purchased by George Pope in 1923. This oldest estate is also the largest and most elaborate. As the interpretive center for the site, special programs and guided tours in the many buildings, gardens and grounds are available. The Pope Estate is home for The Great Gatsby Festival each year in August.

Valhalla Estate (1923)
Walter Heller built Valhalla in 1924 and entertained guests during the summer months for about twenty years. Eventually the estate was sold in 1965 to the South Tahoe Valhalla Corporation, whose attempt to turn it into a private club failed. With its large lawn, large hall and large stone fireplace, Valhalla is popular for public and private gatherings.

Call for information about tours, programs and special events.

Tallac Historic Site
USDA Forest Service Visitor Center
Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit
870 Emerald Bay Road
South Lake Tahoe
SR 89, near Fallen Leaf Lake


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