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Hit the Slopes (with skis or snowballs):
See Skiing
Take me fishing, Dad!

Catch the Big One: See Fishing

Practice Batting:
Sports Central, SS

Bowl 'Em Over:
Knotty Pine Lanes
PP (530) 644-5414

Float Down the River: See Rafting

Tee Off: See Golfing

Have a Picnic:
Bridal Veil Fall & Picnic Area Click for photos of Bridal Veil Fall
Gold Discovery Park, Coloma Click for photos of Gold Discovery Park
Local Parks

Go to a Playground:
Placerville City Park, Benham St, PVL
McDonald's, PVL, (530) 626-1970
Community Services District, CP (530) 677-2231
Throw a Par-tay!
Bounceopolis, EDH (916) 933-9493
Baskin Robbins, PVL (530) 626-3242
Party Warehouse, PVL (530) 622-4156
Celebrations, GT (530) 333-2053
Party Animals Miniature Horses, PVL (530) 644-5403

Put on a Play

See a Play:
Olde Coloma Theatre, Coloma (530) 626-5282
Imagination Theatre, PVL (530) 626-4801

Shop for Toys:
Children's Garden, PVL (530) 626-6525
Nanny's Toy Box, PVL (530) 621-4670

See Model Trains:
Timbermill Junction, PVL (530) 621-3677

Use Dad's Computer

(Ask first!)
See Online Fun

Make Clay Shapes: Get recipe here

Have a Taffy Pull: Get recipe here

Play in the Sand (or Dirt!)
Both kids & clothes are washable

Make Roll-the-Can Ice Cream: Get recipe here

Make Thumbprint Cookies: Get recipe here

Start Collecting Stamps: Here's how

See a Movie:
Regal Stadium 8 Theaters
337 Placerville Dr., PVL (800) FANDANGO

Read a Good Book

Rent a Movie:
Freddie's Flicks, DS (530) 622-4311
Gold Harvest Video, SS (530) 676-3655
Let's go to the movies or rent one
Hollywood Video, PVL (530) 626-7138
Hollywood Video, CP (530) 676-2866
Raley's, PVL (530) 622-6360
Raley's, EDH (916) 933-1535
Act 1, PVL (530) 622-2900
Act 1, PVL (530) 621-1919
Select Video, PP (530) 644-1317
Video Outlet, PVL (530) 642-9455
Gold River Video, Coloma (530) 621-0147
Goldorado Video, PP (530) 644-5000

We love pizza!

Get Pizza:
See Restaurants

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