Coloma &
Marshall Gold Discovery SHP


James Marshall is buried beneath his monument.
His statue is pointing towards the American River,
to the spot where he first discovered gold.

Sutter's Mill replica at the river. James Marshall discovered gold in the tailrace of the mill in 1848, igniting the great California Gold Rush of 1849.

Sutter's Mill, View 2
Marshall's Monument, View 2
View 3

View 3

View 4

View 4

Inside the mill

The wheel

"Honored at Last"
Plaque at monument

"Stampede to Coloma"
Plaque at monument

Residence near monument

California's shortest State highway leads from
Hwy. 49 to Marshall's monument inside the Park. Caltrans experts measure it at exactly .55 mile long.

Old Coloma Theatre, on Hwy. 153 in the Park

"Welcome to Marshall Gold Discovery
State Historic Park"

Post Office, Coloma, CA 95619, replete
with vintage bench (for waiting in line?)
and hitchin' post
Not far from Post Office, along Hwy. 49
General Blacksmithing and Horseshoeing

Tools of the trade

Lots of implements and anvils

Picnic area at the river in the Park
Bridge across the American River

Discovery House and Indian on Horse statue

Stamp mill
Another stamp mill

Ore cart

A monitor, or "giant", used in hydraulic mining

Sutter Center Market near the Park

Beautiful Coloma Valley

The Indians named it Culluma,
meaning "Beautiful Valley"

Higher country
Looking down on the American River
running through Coloma

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