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top Business Banking Account - To open a business banking account, you may need to present evidence of any required Fictitious Business Name statement that you filed and also at least one form of picture identification, such as a valid California Driver License. Additional persons authorized to use the account must be present to complete signature cards. To avoid problems and delays in opening your account, call the bank to see what papers and individuals you must bring with you.

topLegal Counsel - Seeking the advice of an attorney who specializes in Business Law may help you avoid problems as you set up and conduct your business.

topPress Release - Local and regional newspapers may be interested in publishing a story about your new business in El Dorado County, so send out a news release to them. How to write a press release

topAdvertising - There are several ways to advertise your new business. You may need to do a survey to see which method is working the best for your type of business by asking customers and inquirers how they heard about your company. Make a note of each response. Analyze the survey to see where your advertising dollars are best spent.
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Standard ways to advertise include the Yellow Pages, newspapers, and a website. Advertising your toll-free number and joining local Chambers of Commerce may also be helpful.

topYou may also want to try the free periodicals that are offered at establishments in your town, such as the weekly Gold Panner in Placerville. Ads are paid for weekly and can be line ads or display ads.

Another inventive ad is the "full bus" ad, or transit ad, in which a small local transit van is totally painted with your company's message, advertising your business wherever it goes. Eye-catching, to say the least!

For tips on marketing your business website, click here.

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